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Monetize the fan engagement

Do you deal with sponsorships in the Sports Industry? Are you a music Star manager or organize and manage events?Stargraph is your digital fan activation platform.

Brands that have collaborated with Stargraph and driving a positive ROI.



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Stargraph - Activating Fans during and beyond the Event

We help brands and sponsors improve the relationship with the public and we can offernew monetization opportunities in your live events. Your event becomes unforgettable with Stargraph. You will growth in terms of conversion rate.


Keep the fans connected and involved during and after the event with exclusive and personalized experiences and content, increasing monetization opportunities.


We use geolocation and blockchain. Thanks to these technologies it is possible to share exclusive contents and authentic digital autographs during live events, collecting fan data in real time.


We support the brand in community activation with dedicated Fan Relationship Management. FRM can be integrated into your platforms.

Only 27% of the sponsors manage to generate leads during live events

Traditional sponsorship model generates low levels of engagement.
Followers are not fan! Brands have difficulty building lasting relationships with High-Spending fans.
Stargraph helps you maximize your sponsorship ROI before, during and after live events

Build trust relationships with your fan

Stargraph supports sponsors and event organizers in the partnership activation strategies and value creation. How we do it: collecting data, analyzing it and developing direct and indirect monetize strategies. Our aim: create trust relation with the fans to monetize before, during and after an event. Imagine what we can do together.

Customize Stargraph

We can integrate Stargraph’s platform with your existing digit asset, according on the needs of the brands and the type of event. We use geolocation, blockchain and AR technologies to talk with fans and delivery contents.

“Traditional sponsorship models are repetitive, boring and does not drive ROI”

- Bobby Brittain, Coca-Cola GB marketing director.

Stargraph takes your brand’s and event’s fan experience to the next level