Collect the NFTs
of the Stars

Become the owner of the most iconic digital content through our exclusive marketplace and auctions

Earn, thanks to your passion

Through our gamification platform, you gain rewards by collecting NFTs, simply by holding them in your portfolio

Unique live experiences

Get exclusive experiences with your idols, available with the rarest content

Make the World better

When you make a transaction on the platform, you will automatically sustain our charitable initiatives

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What are NFTs?

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are digital instruments working with blockchain that can certify the ownership of a limited edition digital asset. Videos and pictures can become uniquely yours and potentially increase in value.

What are NFTs?

Some examples?

Rob Gronkowski, legendary player of NFL, has put on the market an NFT collection to celebrate the victory of his 4 Super Bowls. The rarest piece of the collection has been sold for 460,000$

Also, the Kings of Leon band has published his last album in different NFT versions, which have reached the total value of 2 million $ in two days.

What does our NFT STAR have more?

Rewarding Mechanism

If you have acquired an NFT related to a star or a club that has scored an important success, you will be rewarded for having really believed in his/her capabilities

Experiences with your idols

Digital and real are connected: in our NFT launches could be present some premium pieces that will allow you to live an exclusive experience with your idols

Make the planet better

When you make a transaction on the platform, you automatically support our charitable initiatives to ensure a better world for the future generations

Road Map

Nov 2017

First Digital Autograph of MOTOGP’s history with Aprilia Racing Team

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May 2018

First Digital Autograph of SERIE A’s history with Genoa Football Club

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Aug 2020

First Digital Autograph backed by Blockchain Technology of Formula1’s history with Lewis Hamilton

May 2021

Stargraph NFT platform launch

Q3 2021

Start of the Gamification mechanism and Stargraph Community

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Q4 2021

Launch of the Stargraph Community Fungible Token, Stargraph Community Enhancements

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Q1 2022

Launch of NFTs Stargraph Wallet

Are you a fan?

If you are a fan and want to start buying and selling NFT


Hi, I am Michele Imbimbo

and I am a digital entrepreneur that has worked in the development of Sports-Tech sector in Italy.

Stargraph has been bringing innovation to the world of digital collectibles since 2017, and now leads the industry in NFT Technology.

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