78% of the public use the smartphone during live events but the stars still sign thousands of traditional autographs (mainly on paper).

Stargraph is the first fan engagement and mobile marketing platform with Blockchain technology.

A new form of communication between stars and fans during live events.

Thanks to Stargraph's innovative technology, the star will share his digital autograph with all the audience present at the event, converting the traditional autograph session into new business opportunities.


Fan Engagement

Reach a large number of fans with a single autograph, eliminating physical barriers

Mobile Marketing

A new form of mobile marketing to give space to sponsors and activate new forms of revenues

New Business Opportunities

New business opportunities through the sale of autographs in HD or printed on merchandising + sending coupons with special offers reserved for fans

Fan’s Data

Create databases and fan statistics that participate in live events

Social Media

Create viral events on social media

Social Impact

A new tool for spreading messages with a high social impact

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